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Missing my mother

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I am looking for my mother, Carol Ann Saunders, born April 8, 1958. I am under the impression that she is homeless, on the streets in Toronto.

My mother and I

This is a picture of my mother, 18 years old, when she was pregnant with me. I am on the left, a few years older than she was in her picture on the right.

The only stories I know of my mother are what my father and his family have told me.

According to my father, I was taken from her shortly before her giving birth to my sister. He had his brother take me from her arms and had me brought to Newfoundland. My father said that he and my mother agreed that he would have me, and she would have my sister. Since this separation occurred, there have been 2 other kidnapping attempts on me, and both failed, because my father intervened.

Sometime after my father left her, my mother met another man, and they both stayed on a farm, with his family. Sometime shortly after that, she left my sister behind, to be adopted by the same family, and went to live on the streets of Toronto.

This is the front and back of a picture of her, at the same age as I, when I was taken from her.

As a teenager, I asked my father to meet my mother, and he was able to arrange it once. I was brought to a church and was introduced to my mother, then brought to a nearby farm to spend some time with her. While there, the only thing my mother said was that she only had 1 daughter (my sister), and said nothing further. According to my father and the minister of the church, my mother was getting the help needed to get off the streets and into a place of her own. Weeks after this, I was told that she left and was back in Toronto, as a bag lady.

I have spent decades looking for my mother, with the hopes of meeting her and helping her. I do not know if she is alive or not, and I am hoping she still is, so that I can introduce her to some of her missing family, and hopefully help her off the streets. If she is no longer with us, I would still like to know, so that I can get her records to continue tracing back her family.